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How Strong is Pisco?

how strong is pisco, pisco alcohol content, piscologia, peruvian pisco

Nati Contemplating Measurements During Distillation


According to the Denomination of Origin in Peru, Peruvian pisco must have an alcohol content between 38% and 48%. This makes pisco a hard liquor, like vodka, whiskey, rum and scotch (Types of Alcohol, 2019). Using science and intuition, Nati distills to keep measurements of our pisco at or near 42%. We think her formula maximizes the balance of flavors, aromas and alcohol content of PiscoLogía.

Peruvian pisco is distilled to proof, giving the distiller only one chance to reach the desired alcohol content. Unlike Chilean pisco, which may be distilled more than once and then watered down, nothing may be added to Peruvian pisco. This is one of many reasons why it is an especially unique spirit.





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