Peruvian Pisco vs. Chilean Pisco

Is Pisco Peruvian or Chilean? This question is the subject of an ongoing debate between Peru and Chile. Based on historical and etymological evidence that the first pisco was produced in Peru and because of Peru’s rich history of pisco production, we believe pisco is Peruvian.

However, the objective answer to the question is: legally, pisco is both Peruvian and Chilean; both countries call their grape brandy “pisco” and both have a protected Denomination of Origin for pisco.

You may think Peruvian pisco and Chilean are similar. After all, they are both brandies, made from grapes, in two countries with geographic, linguistic and cultural similarities. However, when you take a closer look and examine their distillation methods, geographical zones of production, resting techniques and other details, you will find that they are very different spirits.

Here is a chart to compare the two:

peruvian pisco, chilean pisco

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