Piscologia | Who We Are-The Team at PiscoLogía
We are four partners at PiscoLogía and we are all dedicated to creating a craft pisco of utmost quality.
Master distiller, Meg McFarland, Kami Kenna, Fernando Lattini, Nati Gordillo, Azpitia, PiscoLogia, Peruvian pisco, craft pisco, brand ambassador
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Nati Gordillo

Master distiller, Sommelier, Vigneron


Caring for my vineyards and distilling PiscoLogía are ways of life. Azpitia is my spiritual retreat, a place to spend time with family and to connect with nature. My husband and I bought this land in 2004 and we have slowly built the vineyards and distillery into what they are today.  


I constantly strive to craft an exceptional pisco and I am fully dedicated to abiding to the norms of the Denomination of Origin. I love the challenges that distilling brings, and working with the conditions of Azpitia to create the absolute best product possible. Most people don’t realize what goes into a bottle of pisco, or any liquor. For me, what counts most is the dedication, the way we raise our grapes, the way we care for our workers, and our connection with Pachamama.

Meg McFarland

Founder, General manager


I drank my first pisco sour in Lima in 2003 and immediately became hooked on the frothy cocktail made with lime juice, sugar and egg whites.  But it wasn’t the flavor of the cocktail that inspired me to start PiscoLogía; it was the cultural experience of pisco that made it so appealing. Just like Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, pisco is an icon of Peru. No social gathering is complete without it.


Peru has become a mecca for tourists in search of Inca ruins and exquisite culinary experiences. Being able to share part of Peruvian culture with others is what attracted me to this venture.


I am so lucky to be part of a team of world-class professionals: a long-time bartender, sommeliers, and a meticulous master distiller with viticulture skills to boot. We come from different backgrounds, but we all have unyielding dedication to PiscoLogía. 

Fernando Lattini

Sommelier, Logistics


I graduated at the top of my class as a Sommelier at the Instituto de Vinos y Piscos at the University of San Martín de Porres in Lima in 2006. At the time, I owned a restaurant, and I was interested in becoming a specialist in pairing wine and pisco with delicious Peruvian cuisine. Since then, I have taken many courses to improve my knowledge of pisco and I have also learned how to distill it.


Pisco is a distilled fine wine, so it should be appreciated as such. One can distinguish the characteristics of different grape varieties, vintages, and terroir. I believe Peruvian pisco (our national drink) is the best in the world and I am proud to share Piscología with people from other countries.


My favorite pairing: pure PiscoLogía quebranta and suspiro a la limeña, a famous Peruvian dessert.

Kami Kenna

International Sales, Bartender, Brand Ambassador, Educator


I had been working as a bartender for over 15 years when I won a competition and a grand prize trip to Peru. During my travels I met Nati, Meg, and Fernando and visited the distillery in Azpitia. PiscoLogia’s farm to table nature and smooth flavor left an impression on me. I left Azpitia with a bottle of PiscoLogia and new friends. 


The versatility of Pisco is most impressive to me. A pisco and tonic is lovely, but don’t underestimate it in a Negroni. Oh, and do yourself a favor and try a Pisco Colada. Run, hurry, it’s the best!