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Pure Flavor From Perú

Created more than four centuries ago, Pisco is one of Perú’s richest cultural traditions. Pisco is a Quechua word for “little bird,” which inspired the town name of Pisco, where it originated in Perú. The Peruvian brandy first became available in the United States during the early 19th century and rose to fame when Duncan Nicol, proprietor of Bank Exchange concocted Pisco Punch. This flavorful cocktail became the official drink of San Francisco and was popularized by some of history’s most notable writers.


Peruvian pisco is a clear brandy and is not to be confused with its Chilean counterpart (also called pisco) or Italian grappa. It is aged in copper or plastic tanks, giving it a transparent appearance and smooth flavor. By definition, the Peruvian brandy is made only from the fruit from coastal grapes and is distilled once, so the end result is a spirit with more flavor and aroma of the land. Piscología in particular has nuances of orange blossom, pecans, matured dried currant and banana, which are typical characteristics of pisco from the Lima and Ica regions. Finally, nothing is added to Peruvian brandy, not even water.


Paying homage to South American tradition and culture, Pisco is the product of exceptional skill and the pursuit of quality. Our small batch production and skillful distillation demonstrates our commitment to premium ingredients for an extraordinary taster experience.

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