Pachamama, Giving Thanks

In conjunction with careful viticulture, Nati uses a spiritual practice to ensure a plentiful harvest: giving thanks to Pachamama, the Mother Earth of the Incas. The indigenous people of Peru pray, give thanks and offer sacrifices to Pachamama in exchange for a successful harvest.  It is believed this powerful deity sustains life because She presides over planting and harvesting.

There are many ways to honor Pachamama. Our first blog post described Pagapu, when Azpitia’s shaman, Don Lucho, gives thanks to Pachamama in PiscoLogía’s vineyards. Many people across Peru complete this ritual every August when there is a new moon. This takes place before sowing season and during the coldest month, when crops are most vulnerable to nature’s volatility.

People also give thanks to Pachamama on a daily basis. This display of gratitude can be manifested through introspective prayer or in social settings. In the Andes it is a common practice to appease Pachamama before drinking chicha, a fermented corn beverage. The Peruvian Mother Earth receives the first sip when chicha is poured on the ground. After the chicha soaks into the earth, the offering is complete.  

Through her ritual of giving thanks to Pachamama, Nati reinforces the importance of being grateful, not only for a successful PiscoLogía harvest, but for every aspect of our business. Now we frequently stop and give thanks, conjuring the spiritual guidance of Pachamama to help forge our path to the future.


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