Piscología’s Select Bottlings: Celebrating the Diversity of Pisco from Peru

pisco from peru

At Pisco Logía, our journey into the world of pisco has always been about more than just crafting a fine spirit. It’s about preserving tradition, embracing authenticity, and supporting small-scale producers who share our values of quality and sustainability. In Peru, the birthplace of pisco, there are over 500 certified pisco producers, but many face challenges when it comes to exporting their products or even finding their place in a saturated local market. Per capita consumption of pisco in Peru is relatively low, making it essential to explore new avenues for showcasing the diversity of this remarkable spirit.

To address these challenges and shine a light on the incredible variety of flavors that Peruvian pisco has to offer, we are proud to introduce our latest endeavor: Pisco Logía “Select Bottlings.” These exceptional products are a testament to the craftsmanship of other grower-producers who share our commitment to quality and authenticity.

Our first “Select Bottlings” release takes us on a journey that’s close to home. We are delighted to introduce our neighbor and dear friend, Alfredo Paino, who resides in Azpitia. Alfredo primarily cultivates Italia grapes and transforms them into exquisite piscos.

Puro de Italia 2021 – The Yellow Label: This exceptional pisco showcases the true essence of Italia grapes, meticulously crafted by Alfredo Paino at his vineyard and bodega. It’s a pure expression of the Italian grape variety, capturing the very spirit of the terroir.

No. 1 – A Blend of 70% Italia and 30% Quebranta 2022 – The Green Label: This blend is a harmonious marriage of Italia and Quebranta grapes, resulting in a pisco that beautifully combines the elegance of Italia with the robust character of Quebranta.

No. 2 – A Blend of 70% Italia and 30% Mollar 2022 – The Green Label: In this blend, Alfredo showcases his skill by marrying the luscious flavors of Italia with the unique character of Mollar grapes, creating a truly distinctive pisco.

These Pisco Logía “Select Bottlings” are more than just exquisite spirits; they are a celebration of the rich diversity found in Peruvian pisco. Each bottle tells a unique story of craftsmanship, terroir, and dedication. By supporting these small-scale producers who share our values, we aim to preserve the traditions that make pisco from Peru so exceptional.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases as we continue to explore the vibrant world of pisco, one “Select Bottling” at a time.


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